Things About Me

Hello, everyone.

I know I have not posted in a while, so I will make a post right now.

I’m going to say a little about myself.

I am a girl, who loves to read, write and draw.

A girl who can spend hours discussing a topic that other teenagers might think is boring, such as The Ethics of Cloning Humans.

A girl who listens to classical music once in a while, while other kids are always listening to rap and pop music.

A girl who stops and takes in the beauty of nature outside every morning.


A girl who occasionally eats at Taco Bell, when some people say that’s disgusting.

A girl who watches football and basketball.

A girl who respects and admires all natural things.

A girl who loves to help and make people happy.

A girl who likes science.

A girl who loves bleeding hearts, and tiger lilies, of course!

tiger lily    blleding hearts

A girl who is not interested in boys.

A girl who notices many different aspects of nature, everyday.

Also, I have many favorite things. My friend Jenny, did a list of thing I like in alphabetical order, and inspired me to do one too.

A: Art, amusement parks

B: Balloons, balloons, blue

C: Cats, creativity

D: Drawing, dinosaurs

E: Elves(From Lord of The Rings)

F: Flowers, fall

G: Giving

H: Hot cocoa, horses

I: India

J: Jelly beans

K: Kitkats

L: Lava lamps, laughter

M: The Moon

N: Nature

O: Olives

P: Photography

Q: Quality

R: Running

S: Sunsets, summer, spring

T: Talking

U: Umbrellas

V: Violin

W: Winter

X: Xtra credit

Y: Yarn balls

Z: Zebras

Thank you,

tiger banner

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Coffee Beans

Hello, friends.

In this post, I am going to tell you about coffee beans.

About a year ago, I started collecting coffee beans. I would take some of the spilled coffee beans from grocery stores, and take them home to add to my collection.

I put them all in a bowl on top of my dresser, and let the beans’ wonderful scent fill the room.

I have a whole bowl of coffee beans now, and I love how they smell. I love to smell them everyday, and breathe in their soothing,  light aroma.

As you all know, I am a colorful sort, and a photographer, so there are going to be pictures of the coffee beans to give a visual, though I am sure you know what coffee beans look like.






Thanks for reading,


The Cobra

Hello friends,

As you can see on the sidebar, the animal of the week is the cobra.

When you think of a cobra, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Do you imagine a mocking flat, scaly face with vicious beady eyes? That’s probably what most people would imagine.

Cobras are dangerous creatures, with their sharp fangs and poisonous bite. They are one of the animals people are most scared of for these reasons. They are very intimidating when they flare or expand the hood around their heads, and can scare the crap out of a person when they hiss.

Indian cobra

In the past events or situations in which I saw a snake, I thought that was pretty cool. I have even held a python before at the circus. I am on of the people who aren’t scared of snakes. I understand that they can be venomous and dangerous, but for some reason I do not have a fear of snakes.

Thanks for reading,


Posting Schedule

Hello, my friends.

I see that Paperclip and Jenny have made their very first posts on this blog. They will make this blog a whole lot better with their contributions.

On creativeynnej, we have a posting schedule for all the authors involved in that blog.

I decided that since this blog has also been transformed into a group blog, it too, should have a posting schedule. This will keep the blog well organized. I don’t want three people making a post on one day, for that will get a little messy.

I’m sure you all would agree with that.

Here is my suggested posting schedule:

Sunday: Anyone

Monday: Paperclip

Tuesday: Anyone

Wednesday: Jenny

Thursday: Anyone

Friday: Amulya

Saturday: Anyone

As you can see, the weekends are free for anyone to post. Also, I wanted to have Lily participate in this blog too, but she never replied to the invitation I sent her. I will ask her on creativeynnej.

Something else I want to mention on here is that Jenny INSPIRED me to center the writing in my posts, because her posts look cool that way. Thank you, Jenny!


tiger signature

‘ello. i’m jenny.

i’m a girl who goes by the name jenny. if you want to call me by a nickname like jenn, or something else you can think of that’s polite, go ahead. names are just labels that identify who we are.

i’m a girl who occasionally writes in all lowercase letters.

who usually is a bad decider and later on makes regrets.

who can spend hours in a library, muttering to herself.

who loves everything natural.

who is an avid believer in everything magical.

who doesn’t watch tv.

who someone can confide in.

who tries everyday to please God even though she never talks about religions.

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{who is also a lover in all pictures with bokeh^}

‘ello. i’m jenny.

i’m a girl who lives to live her dreams.

nice to meet you.


i also blog at Artsy Peacock, dream in pastel colors, and creativeynnej.

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