‘ello. i’m jenny.

i’m a girl who goes by the name jenny. if you want to call me by a nickname like jenn, or something else you can think of that’s polite, go ahead. names are just labels that identify who we are.

i’m a girl who occasionally writes in all lowercase letters.

who usually is a bad decider and later on makes regrets.

who can spend hours in a library, muttering to herself.

who loves everything natural.

who is an avid believer in everything magical.

who doesn’t watch tv.

who someone can confide in.

who tries everyday to please God even though she never talks about religions.

Pinned Image

{who is also a lover in all pictures with bokeh^}

‘ello. i’m jenny.

i’m a girl who lives to live her dreams.

nice to meet you.


i also blog at Artsy Peacock, dream in pastel colors, and creativeynnej.

picture via pinterest


7 thoughts on “‘ello. i’m jenny.

    • That’s kind of annoying/rude. It’s like I’m calling you Mu Mu. Well tell Shruti that I bet she can’t write a good blog post and that I’ll call her Sheeswa. 😛

  1. I was just jokin’ girl! LOL. We were just taking about when Madhu came to my house and shoved her dirty sock under the couch! NASTE’Y! Laugh attack! Shruti just fell on the floor laughing. We’re a little cra-cra today!
    Sorry for being a little rude, I guess we are hyper because we just ate pizza.

    P.S: Did you take that picture? It looks cool.

    • Oh, okay. Whatever. You’re always rude. I’m used to it.
      No, I didn’t take the picture. It says at the bottom of the post: picture via pinterest.

      • But this was what I was talking about: the heart shaped bokeh. I really want to learn how to do that. I need to try it out sometime.

  2. Do you need a special camera for it?

    P.S: Me, Madhu, Shruti, and Sugeeth all have actual meanings to the names we have. They aren’t just labels.
    Amulya = Precious
    Shruti = Pitch
    Sugeeth = Tune or something.
    Madhu = Honey
    Sprooha(My baby cousin) = Wishes
    Neil(My friend) = Blue
    Sucheth(My brother) = Good thoughts

    • No…I think you mean do you need a certain kind of lens. Search “how to make heart bokeh” on Google. I guess you could use Photoshop or an editing site, but I don’t have Photoshop or not that I know of.

      Cool. I didn’t mean labels as in “oh all our names have no special meaning and they’re just to remember who we are instead of trying to identify us by our faces.”

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