Posting Schedule

Hello, my friends.

I see that Paperclip and Jenny have made their very first posts on this blog. They will make this blog a whole lot better with their contributions.

On creativeynnej, we have a posting schedule for all the authors involved in that blog.

I decided that since this blog has also been transformed into a group blog, it too, should have a posting schedule. This will keep the blog well organized. I don’t want three people making a post on one day, for that will get a little messy.

I’m sure you all would agree with that.

Here is my suggested posting schedule:

Sunday: Anyone

Monday: Paperclip

Tuesday: Anyone

Wednesday: Jenny

Thursday: Anyone

Friday: Amulya

Saturday: Anyone

As you can see, the weekends are free for anyone to post. Also, I wanted to have Lily participate in this blog too, but she never replied to the invitation I sent her. I will ask her on creativeynnej.

Something else I want to mention on here is that Jenny INSPIRED me to center the writing in my posts, because her posts look cool that way. Thank you, Jenny!


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