Things About Me

Hello, everyone.

I know I have not posted in a while, so I will make a post right now.

I’m going to say a little about myself.

I am a girl, who loves to read, write and draw.

A girl who can spend hours discussing a topic that other teenagers might think is boring, such as The Ethics of Cloning Humans.

A girl who listens to classical music once in a while, while other kids are always listening to rap and pop music.

A girl who stops and takes in the beauty of nature outside every morning.


A girl who occasionally eats at Taco Bell, when some people say that’s disgusting.

A girl who watches football and basketball.

A girl who respects and admires all natural things.

A girl who loves to help and make people happy.

A girl who likes science.

A girl who loves bleeding hearts, and tiger lilies, of course!

tiger lily    blleding hearts

A girl who is not interested in boys.

A girl who notices many different aspects of nature, everyday.

Also, I have many favorite things. My friend Jenny, did a list of thing I like in alphabetical order, and inspired me to do one too.

A: Art, amusement parks

B: Balloons, balloons, blue

C: Cats, creativity

D: Drawing, dinosaurs

E: Elves(From Lord of The Rings)

F: Flowers, fall

G: Giving

H: Hot cocoa, horses

I: India

J: Jelly beans

K: Kitkats

L: Lava lamps, laughter

M: The Moon

N: Nature

O: Olives

P: Photography

Q: Quality

R: Running

S: Sunsets, summer, spring

T: Talking

U: Umbrellas

V: Violin

W: Winter

X: Xtra credit

Y: Yarn balls

Z: Zebras

Thank you,

tiger banner

(Pics from Google)


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