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as we welcome march once again, things start to change. snow starts to melt and we begin to see birds gradually come to life. the human race is also changing; always changing.


(i think i should quote myself on the sentence above^, don’t you think so? ;))

recently, i’ve been busy. for some reason, march is always the busiest month for me. an essay, a final test, solo ensemble, along with daily homework, lessons, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. i know i can’t say i’m overwhelmed with things because i always think about college students and high school students and how they have more things than a typical (okay, maybe more than typical) seventh grader.

in a way, i’m thankful.

thankful that i still have room to breath,

thankful that i have time to write this post,

thankful that i still have two years of freedom until high school.

i’m thankful for everything, because, everything in the past has led up to the present.

{i wrote that sentence^ in my new journal[ohmigoshsoexcited]; also writing that i’m thankful but in a different format. truly, i am so very thankful.}



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One thought on “thankful

  1. Your post reminds me of Thanksgiving, even though that’s months away.
    Iv’e been really busy, too especially with Optimist Oritorical. The competition is this Wednesday! Gettin’ nervous….

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