Red-tailed hawk

Hello everyone!

The animal of the week is a brown falcon, as you can see in the sidebar.

Red-tailed hawks are vicious creatures, and iv’e had a first-hand experience to know that.

About a year ago, I was looking out the window, observing the cute, fluffy sparrows prancing around the deck.

Suddenly, there was a huge flash of brown in front of the window. Within a heart beat, a large bird landed on the deck railing, with a ball of feathers in it’s mouth! At first, I was confused, bu then I realized this huge bird was eating a baby sparrow!

In a minute I learned that this marsupial creature was a red-tailed hawk.

It was really big up close!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the hawk, but I have one which I found on Google.

red-tailed hawk

Kinda freaky, isn’t it?

These animals are still really cool, despite what I just told you about.

I love the patterns of their feathers, how each hawk’s feathers are arranged in a different way.

They are just magnificent, beautiful animals.


tiger banner


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