Spring Flowers


Spring has come, which means lots of  flowers! Yesterday I planted vegetables and flowers.

There were a few flowers which were planted in late March, which have bloomed already.

But before I share pictures of them, I need to make an announcement. I am going to get rid of the animal of the week widget, because it’s kind of pointless. I will replace it with the song of the week.

I just pick songs which I like that week. 🙂

I will put the song of the week at the bottom of this post.

Here are the flowers:

Yellow and white Daffodils.





Random flower in the middle of the yard.






That’s all I have for spring flowers, but I have a two bonuses.

This is a cactus inside my house.




Song of the Week:

Come & Get It, by Selena Gomez

BTW, to get to the music, skip to 0:39.


tiger banner


4 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. Ohmigosh, I love the seventh picture!!! Nice, there’s bokeh in the backround!!! And waterdrops!!! Gaahhh!!! All my favorite elements in a picture!!! A flower picture too!!! *jennyspasm* If I ever decide to make another book cover, can I use that picture for one of them? If not, that’s fine. Just asking for your permission. I’ll credit you and everything, too of course.

  2. Thanks, Jenny! Wow, I didn’t think you’d get a jenny-spasm from looking at that picture. Sure, you can use it for a book cover. If you did that, I would have one of those crazy, hyper Amulya moments.

  3. No, not at all. You can just be a little hyper at moments, scream hysterically once in a while, and make dirty jokes about playing tennis. LOL

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