Day 6: Animals, Mountains and Rock Formations

Hello everyone!

I did not post yesterday, but it is still day 6 of the post a day challenge. Strike 1…

Yesterday I climbed the Revanasiddeshvara mountain in India. There is a temple on the top.  On the way up, I took pictures of the mountains and rock formations around the mountain.




As  a little bonus, I took a picture of a few animals.


(Recess Monkey)




(Coiled worm-thing)

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Day 5: Interesting Cakes

Hi everyone!

It is day 5 of the post a day challenge!

Last Saturday I went to my baby cousin’s birthday party. There was a cool cake. It had M & M’s covering the top, and Kitkat chocolates surrounding it. Inside, there was regular chocolate cake with fudge mixed in.

(Gosh, that’s a large picture!)

I also found this site with some other cool cakes.

The link to this site:

The first cake I saw reminded me of one of my friends who loves to solve Rubik cubes, and is an expert at it. (Jenny, you would know who i’m talking about)

The next one is just plain weird.

(This would be kind of scary to eat…)

The next on is pretty awesome.

Last, the strangest of them all…

Kinda weird, isn’t it?


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Day 4: Golden Tabby Cat

Hey everyone!

It is day 4 of the post a day challenge. Haven’t missed a day yet! BTW, for some reason some of my pictures on this blog have disappeared. I’ll have to fix that later…

Today I went to my grandmother’s house, and spotted a beautiful golden tabby cat walking by outside. It was used to people walking around it, so it didn’t care when I approached it to take a picture.



(This shot is kinda funny…)




Cute, right? 🙂

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Day 3: Bird Flu Outbreak

Hello everyone.

It is day 3 of the post a day challenge.

In this post I will talk about Bird Flu, and the outbreak in China.

What is the bird flu? The bird flu is a viral infection directly transmitted from chickens to humans. Transmission of bird flu between humans has not yet been confirmed. If there is an outbreak of bird flu, humans can get infected by contact with infected chickens. People could also catch bird flu by consuming  eggs or poultry which are not fully cooked, or touching someone who has the bird flu.

The most recent outbreak of bird flu was in China. Earlier this year, several people were infected by bird flu. The H7N9 bird flu outbreak started in March, and has infected 130 people, and killed 37. The overall death rate during the outbreak was estimated to be 36%.

After closing the majority of live animal markets in China, the outbreak came to an end. Now it is assumed that the bird flu virus had been infecting people by contact with birds.


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Day 2: Cloud Bursts

Hi everyone!

This is day two of the post a day challenge! Not running low on ideas just yet!

Today I am going to talk about something other than photography or animals. The topic of this post is cloud bursts.

For those who are not aware of what a cloud burst is, let me explain. A cloud burst is a severe amount of precipitation, which is sometimes combined with hail and thunder. Cloud bursts usually last only a few minutes, but can cause dangerous flash floods, killing, hundreds of people.

Analogy: Think of a cloud burst in analogy to someone dumping water out of a bucket onto a swarm of ants. What happens to the ants? They are swept away. That’s what happens to the people under a cloud burst.

cloud burst

Cloud bursts cover only a few kilometers, but can flood the whole area. The rain fall rate during a cloud burst is usually 100 mm per hour or more.

Cloud bursts occur around tropical thunderstorms. In tropical storms, there is more moisture. Another factor is the freezing level. Tropical storms typically have a higher freezing level . The water droplets cannot be frozen into hail stones, so they increase in size as water droplets, not hail stones. I the thunderstorm becomes weak, all the water will break through the storm all at once towards the surface of the cloud.

This is the point of which the thunderstorm falls apart. When the water reaches the surface of the cloud, a cloud burst is formed, and the thunderstorm is destroyed.

Personally, I think this is pretty interesting. I decided to make a post on this topic when I heard about a cloud burst which happened in Uttarakhand, a state in India.

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Day 1: New song + Flower

Hello everyone!

Today I took more flower pictures. I’m not sure what the names of the flowers are in English, though. Whatever.

They’re pretty.





I like the cute little shape of them.

I also got a new song stuck in my head. I finally figured out how to get a video into a post without the advertisement. 🙂

Slow Down, by Selena Gomez. (She’s my favorite)

Post a Day Challenge

Hello everyone!

I recently read one of my friends posts about something called the Post a Day Challenge. This friend is violinplayer10101, or Jenny over at

This idea sounded challenging and interesting enough for me to give it a try.

The Post a Day Challenge lasts for one month. This is going to be a hard challenge, because I have to keep coming up with ideas for a post everyday, and I have to fit it into my daily schedule. Perhaps this challenge will help develop discipline, not just with blogging, but with other things in life as well.

Starting from the 24th of June, I will write a post each day on this blog.

post a day

Thank you,

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Horse Tattoo

Hello everyone!

Today I went to my baby cousin’s birthday party, and got a horse painted on my arm. It looks pretty cool, and sparkly.


It didn’t come out that good…because my arm is curved. It’s okay.

That’s a long mane, isn’t it? The glitter isn’t very visible in this photo. I just thought that was pretty cool, so I wanted to share it on here.

Thank you,

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