Day 5: Interesting Cakes

Hi everyone!

It is day 5 of the post a day challenge!

Last Saturday I went to my baby cousin’s birthday party. There was a cool cake. It had M & M’s covering the top, and Kitkat chocolates surrounding it. Inside, there was regular chocolate cake with fudge mixed in.

(Gosh, that’s a large picture!)

I also found this site with some other cool cakes.

The link to this site:

The first cake I saw reminded me of one of my friends who loves to solve Rubik cubes, and is an expert at it. (Jenny, you would know who i’m talking about)

The next one is just plain weird.

(This would be kind of scary to eat…)

The next on is pretty awesome.

Last, the strangest of them all…

Kinda weird, isn’t it?


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