Photo-shopped Bubbles and a Bunneh

This afternoon I went outside with my mom and photographed bubbles. The pictures didn’t turn out too great, so I photo shopped them.

bubbles 1

bubbles 2 bunneh

It’s a bunneh!!

Thank you,



Egg Shells

This morning, my mom was using eggs to prepare a dish, so I asked if I could have the egg shells. The reason for this was that I had a photography idea.

This is my picture:

egg shell

It’s kind of cute.

As a bonus, I took a picture of the almost-full moon. I believe the forecast said it was going to be very cloudy on the night of the full moon, so I decided to photograph it the day before.


Unfortunately, my camera isn’t too good at photographing night time pictures, so it came out grainy.

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Food Coloring in Water

Today I had an idea to put food coloring in a wine glass filled with water and photograph it immediately as it spreads to the rest of the water.

BTW, I have decided to stop saying “hello everyone,” at the beginning of every post. It seemed a little childish, so I’ve decided to just start writing from the very start of the post. I also am just going to type in my signature at the end of each post for the same reason.

Anyways, the pictures turned out really nice, and the quality and resolution was pretty good.





Thank you,


Magic Touch

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I was really hyper on a Friday night, so I wrote a poem. It took some thinking, so it reduced my energy level a bit. 🙂

I called it “Magic Touch”. I wish it weren’t as cheesy-sounding, but I can’t really think of any other name. Any suggestions? If so, please comment!

(The “~” signals a new stanza.


Reach for the sky,

Through the clouds,

And touch the moon

Hiding away, shy


Make the moon glow,

Brighter than before

Whiter than fresh snow

Burning to the earth’s core.


Everything you touch,

Creates a strong love,

Everything you do,

Makes a door to heaven.


Grab the beautiful stars,

Sparkling light years away

Remove the old scars

Leaving but an ocean spray


Seeming like magic,

Within a single, tiny moment,

Make all events tragic

Disappear as if they were dreamt.

Thank you,

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Hello everyone.

Today the daily prompt from The Daily Post, is Origin Story. I chose the photo challenge, which is Beginnings.

My mom is growing some cilantro in the vegetable garden in my backyard. The plants are still tiny little sprouts sticking out of the soil, so I thought a picture of that would be a good way to represent beginnings.


Thank you,

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A Trip To The Zoo

Hey everyone!

Today I visited the zoo, and photographed a bunch of animals.

Due to the fencing and railings in front of the exhibits, the quality isn’t the best. But the pictures turned out alright.

Thank you,

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