4th of July Tag

Hello, my fellow bloggers! Yes, I am aware that I have been inactive for over…what almost a year? I think I would be able to justify my absence in one word: Highschool. Yep, I just started freshman year, and I have come to learn that the complete school atmosphere is very different from middleschool. It differs in both good and bad ways, but I’ve finally adjusted to it now. Since it’s summer, I will probably be more active on here. (Don’t get your hopes up too high, though xD)

Enough beating around the bush, this post is a 4th of July Tag.

I was tagged by Silvia, over at The Universe Designs. Go check her out; she’s a very sweet, dedicated, and skilled writer.

Now, for the tagged questions.

1. 1. What do you think of when you think of the Fourth of July?
BBQ, Fireworks, parties, the U.S flag

2. Do you have any special Fourth of July traditions?
Not really. At the most, I watch the fireworks show with friends or family.

3. Do you watch any of the Fourth of July programs on TV?

4. What does the 4th of July mean to you/what do you think of it?
Though many emphasize on the fact that U.S beat Britain in the Revolutionary War, and gained independence from them, I like to think of it from a simpler pint of view: The birth of our country.
5. Any Fourth of July/Patriotic songs that stand out to you?
Obviously, “The Star Spangled Banner”.
6. What is your favorite type of firework?
There is one type of firework which explodes in a huge circle, and the individual sparks rain down across the sky like gold waterfalls. Those never fail to amaze me.
7. Do you think people should continue the custom of fireworks on the Fourth of July even though fireworks can have negative impacts on the environment?
Honestly, I was having the same thoughts while watching a fireworks show last night. I just watched all the pollution the fireworks released into the air after they exploded, and  thought of how detrimental it would be to the atmosphere. Personally, I am a strong supporter of the cause to fight global warming, and to preserve the Earth’s environment in general. However, it is very difficult to break long-lasting traditions, and I myself, enjoy fireworks. Therefore, I am kind of in the middle between supporting the use of fireworks, or banning them.
8. What do you/your family usually do on the Fourth of July?
We either go to a park to see fireworks, or we watch them from our house. Otherwise, we mainly just enjoy the free day by relaxing.
9. Have you owned any Fourth of July themed accessories or clothes before?
Not recently, but I believe I owned a shirt printed with the American flag when I was younger.

10. Who do you tag?
Kenzie and Jenny from Partners in Crime

I expect BOTH of you to write a post on this!

~ kittycat501