Egg Shells

This morning, my mom was using eggs to prepare a dish, so I asked if I could have the egg shells. The reason for this was that I had a photography idea.

This is my picture:

egg shell

It’s kind of cute.

As a bonus, I took a picture of the almost-full moon. I believe the forecast said it was going to be very cloudy on the night of the full moon, so I decided to photograph it the day before.


Unfortunately, my camera isn’t too good at photographing night time pictures, so it came out grainy.

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Food Coloring in Water

Today I had an idea to put food coloring in a wine glass filled with water and photograph it immediately as it spreads to the rest of the water.

BTW, I have decided to stop saying “hello everyone,” at the beginning of every post. It seemed a little childish, so I’ve decided to just start writing from the very start of the post. I also am just going to type in my signature at the end of each post for the same reason.

Anyways, the pictures turned out really nice, and the quality and resolution was pretty good.





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Hello everyone.

Today the daily prompt from The Daily Post, is Origin Story. I chose the photo challenge, which is Beginnings.

My mom is growing some cilantro in the vegetable garden in my backyard. The plants are still tiny little sprouts sticking out of the soil, so I thought a picture of that would be a good way to represent beginnings.


Thank you,

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Day 15: What Dish Would a Restaurant Name After me?

Hello everyone! I have 16 strikes in the post a day challenge.

I got the idea of this post from a blog called The Daily Post. This site gives daily prompts for new posts which you can use if you are running low on ideas. It also features a weekly challenge. The challenges can have to do with photography, or writing. I’d probably do the Photography challenge.

Back to the topic of the post, I would be a dish called…Precious Chocolate Shark Cake.

I chose Precious, because my name, Amulya, means precious in Kannada.

I put in chocolate because I love chocolate.

And last, my name is similar to a word in Russian which means Shark. Aкула, or akula. I like sharks too, so it fits in!

This is what it would look like:

Thanks to all the other Shark cakes on CC for the inspiration.  I carved this from a 30cm loaf tin and a 4inch square, chocolate cake covered in white chocolate ganache and coloured fondant.

The inside of the cake would be chocolate. I like the blue frosting, though.

I would love to try this cake sometime. 🙂

Here is the link for the post I used for a prompt:

Thank you,

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Day 5: Interesting Cakes

Hi everyone!

It is day 5 of the post a day challenge!

Last Saturday I went to my baby cousin’s birthday party. There was a cool cake. It had M & M’s covering the top, and Kitkat chocolates surrounding it. Inside, there was regular chocolate cake with fudge mixed in.

(Gosh, that’s a large picture!)

I also found this site with some other cool cakes.

The link to this site:

The first cake I saw reminded me of one of my friends who loves to solve Rubik cubes, and is an expert at it. (Jenny, you would know who i’m talking about)

The next one is just plain weird.

(This would be kind of scary to eat…)

The next on is pretty awesome.

Last, the strangest of them all…

Kinda weird, isn’t it?


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Coffee Beans

Hello, friends.

In this post, I am going to tell you about coffee beans.

About a year ago, I started collecting coffee beans. I would take some of the spilled coffee beans from grocery stores, and take them home to add to my collection.

I put them all in a bowl on top of my dresser, and let the beans’ wonderful scent fill the room.

I have a whole bowl of coffee beans now, and I love how they smell. I love to smell them everyday, and breathe in their soothing,  light aroma.

As you all know, I am a colorful sort, and a photographer, so there are going to be pictures of the coffee beans to give a visual, though I am sure you know what coffee beans look like.






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One Awesome Pretzel

Hello, everyone.

Today I was surfing the web when I came across a picture of an awesome pretzel! Don’t ask how I found it; it’s a complicated story.

Anyways, this unique pretzel is shaped like a treble clef, and has lots of salt! And the best thing is that it’s a pretzel! As I mentioned on the blog creativeynnej, I love pretzels, both soft and hard!

Since I must give credit to the site from which I got this picture from, here is a link:




Apple Crisp

I have several favorite desserts, such as cookies, cake, brownies, etc.

One you might not have heard of is Apple crisp. It consists of baked apples and pie crust topped with a sugar.

It is absolutely delicious when you eat it fresh out of the oven.

The apple almost melts in your mouth, creating a warm, soft satisfied feeling. The crust gives a nice touch to it, and adds a little crispness.

I suggest you try this yummy dessert. You can buy it at most grocery stores, such as Copps or Woodman’s.