Posting Schedule + Friendship

Hey everybody!

This blog has been kind of inactive lately, and I am starting to consider getting rid of the posting schedule. I need the author’s of this blog to give me their input on whether to keep or eliminate the posting schedule.

It does not seem like it is needed at the moment, for a daily routine of posting has not been established. It simply just takes up space in the sidebar.


I’ve been thinking about all my friends and how the school year has been with them.

Whenever I think about school friends, the first person that comes to my mind is Jenny. She’s been such a great friend to me. She was the one who helped me through hard times and guided me through my messy Venomstrike life. (You know exactly what i’m talking about, Jenny!)

Jenny is the one I have shared the most laughs and thoughts with. I’m sure to hang on to her forever! 😀

(I just had to put a smiley face in here)


Another friend of mine is one i’m not sure wants her name up on the internet.

We became good friends just this year, and had loads of fun in class. She was always a loyal class project partner, and never failed to impress me with her colorful math notebook.

We sure did have a good time in class, and I hope to maintain the friendship we built over the past nine months.

The last friend I want to talk about is one I also met this year.

She is crazy, funny and a good person to hang out with in class when you want to goof off. Surprisingly, she was very open to me about her love life secrets. I have no idea why.

We shared a lot of laughs and giggles together, and got yelled at by the teacher for talking. It was fun, though.

She is a great friend, and one I wish to keep for a long time.

Thanks for reading,

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