Post a Day Challenge

Hello everyone!

I recently read one of my friends posts about something called the Post a Day Challenge. This friend is violinplayer10101, or Jenny over at

This idea sounded challenging and interesting enough for me to give it a try.

The Post a Day Challenge lasts for one month. This is going to be a hard challenge, because I have to keep coming up with ideas for a post everyday, and I have to fit it into my daily schedule. Perhaps this challenge will help develop discipline, not just with blogging, but with other things in life as well.

Starting from the 24th of June, I will write a post each day on this blog.

post a day

Thank you,

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‘ello. i’m jenny.

i’m a girl who goes by the name jenny. if you want to call me by a nickname like jenn, or something else you can think of that’s polite, go ahead. names are just labels that identify who we are.

i’m a girl who occasionally writes in all lowercase letters.

who usually is a bad decider and later on makes regrets.

who can spend hours in a library, muttering to herself.

who loves everything natural.

who is an avid believer in everything magical.

who doesn’t watch tv.

who someone can confide in.

who tries everyday to please God even though she never talks about religions.

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{who is also a lover in all pictures with bokeh^}

‘ello. i’m jenny.

i’m a girl who lives to live her dreams.

nice to meet you.


i also blog at Artsy Peacock, dream in pastel colors, and creativeynnej.

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