Horseback Riding

Hello everyone, I apologize for not posting. All of my school work got in the way, and I just couldn’t fir it into my schedule.

The past few weeks, I have been horseback riding again.

This time, I took my camera!

Pippa the Clydesdale




A Trip To The Zoo

Hey everyone!

Today I visited the zoo, and photographed a bunch of animals.

Due to the fencing and railings in front of the exhibits, the quality isn’t the best. But the pictures turned out alright.

Thank you,

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Day 13: Little Calf & Dog

Hi everyone!

It is day thirteen of the post a day challenge. I can’t believe I skipped six days in a row…That makes ten strikes.

I visited my grandfather’s farm a day after one of the cows had given birth to a calf. I got to pet it, and take some pictures of it. For privacy reasons, I will not share the picture of the calf with me in it.




It has white patches around it’s eyes. 😀

As a little bonus,

I took a picture of a nice little stray dog which was in the farm.


Thank you,

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Day 6: Animals, Mountains and Rock Formations

Hello everyone!

I did not post yesterday, but it is still day 6 of the post a day challenge. Strike 1…

Yesterday I climbed the Revanasiddeshvara mountain in India. There is a temple on the top.  On the way up, I took pictures of the mountains and rock formations around the mountain.




As  a little bonus, I took a picture of a few animals.


(Recess Monkey)




(Coiled worm-thing)

Thank you,

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