Horseback Riding

Hello everyone, I apologize for not posting. All of my school work got in the way, and I just couldn’t fir it into my schedule.

The past few weeks, I have been horseback riding again.

This time, I took my camera!

Pippa the Clydesdale




Day 7: World Records

Hi everyone!

It is day 7 of the post a day challenge.

For this post, i’m going to list a few interesting world records.

Largest flower: Rafflesia, 80 cm in diameter.

Largest rabbit: Ralph, a rabbit which weighs just under 55 pounds.

Largest horse: Big Jake, a Belgian Gelding. He weighs 2600 pounds, and stands at 82.75 inches.

Fastest aircraft: Space shuttle. It’s top speed is 28,292 km/h, or 17580 mph.

Cool, right?

Thank you,

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Horse Tattoo

Hello everyone!

Today I went to my baby cousin’s birthday party, and got a horse painted on my arm. It looks pretty cool, and sparkly.


It didn’t come out that good…because my arm is curved. It’s okay.

That’s a long mane, isn’t it? The glitter isn’t very visible in this photo. I just thought that was pretty cool, so I wanted to share it on here.

Thank you,

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