Vegetable Garden, dedicated to Silvia


This year my parents planted some vegetables in the backyard garden. Each year we plant eggplants, cucumbers, basil, squash and other vegetables. A new addition to the garden was beans. As you may have noticed in the title, I have written this post for my friend, Silvia. Here is a poem I wrote about the garden.



That’s the way I like it.

Every year

Tasty food

I’m willing to share.



Taking good care


They try to get some

But always fail.

So come on over,

We can garden together.



Magic Touch

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I was really hyper on a Friday night, so I wrote a poem. It took some thinking, so it reduced my energy level a bit. đŸ™‚

I called it “Magic Touch”. I wish it weren’t as cheesy-sounding, but I can’t really think of any other name. Any suggestions? If so, please comment!

(The “~” signals a new stanza.


Reach for the sky,

Through the clouds,

And touch the moon

Hiding away, shy


Make the moon glow,

Brighter than before

Whiter than fresh snow

Burning to the earth’s core.


Everything you touch,

Creates a strong love,

Everything you do,

Makes a door to heaven.


Grab the beautiful stars,

Sparkling light years away

Remove the old scars

Leaving but an ocean spray


Seeming like magic,

Within a single, tiny moment,

Make all events tragic

Disappear as if they were dreamt.

Thank you,

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