Updates~ Books, Drawings and New Jewelry

Hi everybody!

Every once on a while I do an update post to share what’s new with me!

A few days ago, I went to the library and checked out some books. I checked out two books, called Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, and The Midnight Palace, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

midnight palace     walk two moons

I’ve been told that Walk Two Moons is a good book, so i’m looking forward to reading it!

Next, I shopped at Forever 21, and bought a necklace. It’s awesome!

Here it is:

IMG_4470[1]   IMG_4471[1]

Cool, right?

Last but not least,

I drew a picture of a fire breathing dragon. It turned out pretty good, so i’ll share it with you.

IMG_4461[1] IMG_4464[1]

Yay! That’s all!

Thanks for reading,



Red-tailed hawk

Hello everyone!

The animal of the week is a brown falcon, as you can see in the sidebar.

Red-tailed hawks are vicious creatures, and iv’e had a first-hand experience to know that.

About a year ago, I was looking out the window, observing the cute, fluffy sparrows prancing around the deck.

Suddenly, there was a huge flash of brown in front of the window. Within a heart beat, a large bird landed on the deck railing, with a ball of feathers in it’s mouth! At first, I was confused, bu then I realized this huge bird was eating a baby sparrow!

In a minute I learned that this marsupial creature was a red-tailed hawk.

It was really big up close!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the hawk, but I have one which I found on Google.

red-tailed hawk

Kinda freaky, isn’t it?

These animals are still really cool, despite what I just told you about.

I love the patterns of their feathers, how each hawk’s feathers are arranged in a different way.

They are just magnificent, beautiful animals.


tiger banner

Polar Bears

Hello everyone!

It’s time for our animal of the week post.

This week’s animal is the polar bear.

Polar bears are my favorite type of bears. Here are the reasons:

The have fluffy white fur, and live in cold areas.

Polar bears are majestic animals, with their muscular bodies and thick fur.

They remind me of affection and courage at the same time.

This is a very short post; sorry about that.

I love polar bears!

Thanks for reading,



What’s the first thing that comes to mind when one says NIGHT?

Or maybe this?

Well I think of this:

And because it’s night time right now, and since I’m a good loyal person who hasn’t blogged in ages, and because i’m staying up posting on my day, that’s where i’m going right now.


Cool photography

Hi everyone!

This is just one of my casual posts which are meant to catch people’s eye.

Anyways, a few months ago, my brother and I were taking pictures.

My brother got an idea when he saw my pair of transparent dice. We could use a flash light to shine through the dice, which would look cool in a picture!

So, we took a flash light and die into my room, and turned off the lights. I shone the flash light on the die at a certain angle, and my brother attempted to take the picture.

It took a several tries, but here are the best pics:



Also, here are some pictures of snow to go with winter.


And no, I did not edit this one. I accidentally had the flash on while taking a picture, so the light reflected off the falling snow flakes, which resulted in this.




Thanks for reading,

tiger banner


Pinned Image

as we welcome march once again, things start to change. snow starts to melt and we begin to see birds gradually come to life. the human race is also changing; always changing.


(i think i should quote myself on the sentence above^, don’t you think so? ;))

recently, i’ve been busy. for some reason, march is always the busiest month for me. an essay, a final test, solo ensemble, along with daily homework, lessons, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. i know i can’t say i’m overwhelmed with things because i always think about college students and high school students and how they have more things than a typical (okay, maybe more than typical) seventh grader.

in a way, i’m thankful.

thankful that i still have room to breath,

thankful that i have time to write this post,

thankful that i still have two years of freedom until high school.

i’m thankful for everything, because, everything in the past has led up to the present.

{i wrote that sentence^ in my new journal[ohmigoshsoexcited]; also writing that i’m thankful but in a different format. truly, i am so very thankful.}



{picture via pinterest}


Hello everyone.

It’s been a long time since I have posted, hasn’t it?

Well, i’m still alive!

I forgot to do a few of the previous animal of the week posts, but I will try to make up for it.

Today’s animal is a squirrel, which is interesting, because I sure feel like one; don’t ask why.

I love squirrels, except when the one in my backyard starts to dig in the garden! Now, that is annoying.

Sure, they’re cute, when prancing around, nibbling on acorns.

But when they dig in your vegetable garden, not so much.

I know this isn’t the traditional animal of the week post I usually do, but I felt like I was running low on ideas for that.

I’m just improvising as I write this. I’m probably boring you all to death, but at least someone’s reading this post.

Back to the topic of squirrels,

I still love those furry, squirmy little creatures.

Here is a picture of a squirrel which I took about a year ago:


(Click on picture if you would like to see a larger version of it)

Hmmm….not very large, but it does the job.

It’s not very clear either, but after all, I’m not a professional photographer!

Switching the topic……

I plan to plant some Tigerlilies  in my garden this coming spring.

Then I could take my own pictures of the tigerlilies and use it as the background for this blog! So many possibilities……

One last thing to say to the authors of this blog,

Is anyone going to post? It’s been a while since anyone other than me posted on this blog. I made you authors for a reason, you know!

Thank you,