Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Today’s daily prompt from the daily post is Lookin’ Out My Back Door “Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.” 

The link: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/prompt-back-door/

When I look out my back door, I see a series of things. The first thing which catches my eye is the vegetable garden. It is a couple of feet high, and has soil filled in it almost to the top. A wooden barrier or boundary surrounds the garden, with a step stool in front for people to tend to the garden.

Another thing I notice is the next door house. They have a fence which separates our property from theirs. There is a small rectangular window in the side of the home. There are two pine trees in the backyard, a little taller than our house.

Coming in closer to my house, there is a deck, a reddish-brown color. Robins, sparrows, doves, and occasionally hawks or cardinals perch on the railing. They play, fight, and feed. In the spring, sometimes I even see small chicks learning how to fly.



If I could Turn Back Time…



(Artwork from the second grade)


Today’s daily writing prompt from the Daily Post is “If I could turn back time

If I could relive a part of my life, it would be the elementary school years. Those were the careless, free days. School days were kind of like daycare. We would play many games, do fun activities, and get lots of recess. (I remember playing four square with a bunch of friends outside. I was really good at that game. XD)

We never had to worry about anything important. Our only problems were things like, “He budged in line!” or “She took my spot!”

That is why I would like to relive and cherish those first years of my life. No work, responsibilities, or worries.

However, being in middle school, I am still relatively care free. I’m not quite a young adult, or a small child. I am right in between. When I’m older, my opinion on this topic might change. I have many more years to go. 🙂



(Pic from Google)

After being in middle school for the past two and a half years, I have noticed something. You’ve probably noticed it too.


My school isn’t like the stereotypical middle school which you see in movies and TV shows. There are cliques, or shall I say groups of friends with labels. I’m not sure whether this calls for other people, but I find it hard to make friends and work with several people from a certain clique all at once.  They always ignore you, and share several inside jokes. But when it’s just you and one other person who doesn’t have their friends with them, it runs really smooth. You act as you were best friends.

I think that we all do this unknowingly. That’s why I have started to make more of an effort to include everyone in group work and other activities.


The Busiest Months of The School Year

planner glasses

To me, January and February are the most busiest months of the year. Piles of school work, competitions, extra curricular activities, and the cold weather just seems to make it worse. This year, January and February had a bunch of events going on, but I managed. Before, I had no reason at all, to use a planner. But now, I need one. Without it, I would have no idea what to do first, or what was important. I might have forgotten to do some assignments, study for tests, or prepare for competitions.

Now that it’s March, everything has seemed to cool down for me. School work has just faded to a daily routine. It’s bound to pick up again after spring break, but that’s okay. I’ll be ready. 🙂


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Magic Touch

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I was really hyper on a Friday night, so I wrote a poem. It took some thinking, so it reduced my energy level a bit. 🙂

I called it “Magic Touch”. I wish it weren’t as cheesy-sounding, but I can’t really think of any other name. Any suggestions? If so, please comment!

(The “~” signals a new stanza.



Reach for the sky,

Through the clouds,

And touch the moon

Hiding away, shy


Make the moon glow,

Brighter than before

Whiter than fresh snow

Burning to the earth’s core.


Everything you touch,

Creates a strong love,

Everything you do,

Makes a door to heaven.


Grab the beautiful stars,

Sparkling light years away

Remove the old scars

Leaving but an ocean spray


Seeming like magic,

Within a single, tiny moment,

Make all events tragic

Disappear as if they were dreamt.

Thank you,

flower signature


Hello everyone.

Several months ago, I wrote a poem on the night of a full moon.

I titled it “Moonshine”.

(The “~” means that there should be a space there)



Open your eyes

To the light of the moon,

Feel it shine down,

Sparkling all over you


Moonshine, illuminate the whole sky

It’s radiance reflecting in your eye.

It will make the stars dance

Putting you in a trance


The moon seems everywhere,

So meet me under there

It will shine brighter than ever,

A sight to remember forever.


Thank you,

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Day 17: If I Were a Superhero…

Hello everyone!

It is day 17 of the post a day challenge.

Today I got a good idea for a post. What superhero would I be?

I would be Cat Woman! People say I’m like a cat all the time, and I agree. I don’t commit crimes like her, though.

We are both sneaky and fast.



Thank you,

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Things About Me

Hello, everyone.

I know I have not posted in a while, so I will make a post right now.

I’m going to say a little about myself.

I am a girl, who loves to read, write and draw.

A girl who can spend hours discussing a topic that other teenagers might think is boring, such as The Ethics of Cloning Humans.

A girl who listens to classical music once in a while, while other kids are always listening to rap and pop music.

A girl who stops and takes in the beauty of nature outside every morning.


A girl who occasionally eats at Taco Bell, when some people say that’s disgusting.

A girl who watches football and basketball.

A girl who respects and admires all natural things.

A girl who loves to help and make people happy.

A girl who likes science.

A girl who loves bleeding hearts, and tiger lilies, of course!

tiger lily    blleding hearts

A girl who is not interested in boys.

A girl who notices many different aspects of nature, everyday.

Also, I have many favorite things. My friend Jenny, did a list of thing I like in alphabetical order, and inspired me to do one too.

A: Art, amusement parks

B: Balloons, balloons, blue

C: Cats, creativity

D: Drawing, dinosaurs

E: Elves(From Lord of The Rings)

F: Flowers, fall

G: Giving

H: Hot cocoa, horses

I: India

J: Jelly beans

K: Kitkats

L: Lava lamps, laughter

M: The Moon

N: Nature

O: Olives

P: Photography

Q: Quality

R: Running

S: Sunsets, summer, spring

T: Talking

U: Umbrellas

V: Violin

W: Winter

X: Xtra credit

Y: Yarn balls

Z: Zebras

Thank you,

tiger banner

(Pics from Google)

A Little Fawn

The animal of the week is a fawn, as you can see on the sidebar. I plan to make a post for each animal of the week, to give it a little significance. When I choose which animal to use each week, it is half randomized. The other half is what I feel the week has been like. It’s a complicated and confusing concept, one which I cannot even fully understand myself. But let’s get to the point here.

Fawns are peaceful little creatures. They prance around prairies and forests, their soft, spotted coats gleaming. They are curious, and of course, cute. If you’ve ever seen one, you would know that it warms your heart when you watch them run around. In fact, I even saw one run across the street yesterday while I was in the car. But anyways, I think we should appreciate and respect such beautiful animals. I’m pretty sure most of you would agree with that.


Thank you,